‘Hack Work’ & ‘Bad Press’, two articles on NoW, tabloid culture, and status and methods of journalism, New Yorker

Hack Work

A tabloid culture runs amok

by Anthony Lane, The New Yorker, August 1, 2011:

Bad Press 

by Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker, August 1, 2011:

Report on Air France Crash Points to Pilot Training

Kumar Sangakkara in Jaffna,

He was in the capital city of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province on July 26, 2011 for the Trail cancer walk — a fund raiser to build a children’s cancer ward in Jaffna.

‘Fans of different races, castes, ethnicities and religions who together celebrate their diversity by uniting for a common national cause. They are my foundation, they are my family. I will play my cricket for them. Their spirit is the true spirit of cricket. With me are all my people. I am Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher. I am a Buddhist, a Hindu, a follower of Islam and Christianity. I am today, and always, proudly Sri Lankan.’

— MCC Spirit of Cricket Lecture 2011 at Lord’s:

Spatial humanities: Digital maps are giving scholars the historical lay of the land, NYT

Historians have an exciting new tool — the generation of digital maps, which has given rise to an academic field known as spatial humanities. With this firepower, humanists have begun to explore ‘a new frontier of the scholarly universe: space.’

Paperback publishers quicken their pace, Julie Bosman in NYT

‘E-books are leading to earlier releases of softcover versions of novels and nonfiction works, like the above display at the Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle.’

Jose Antonio Vargas: My secret life as an undocumented US immigrant, Guardian

‘The Pulitzer-prizewinning journalist was living the American dream. But as a child he had been smuggled into the US and lived in fear of deportation. Then he decided to publicly confess.’

Two undocumented US residents tell their stories

‘Pressure on James Murdoch Is About to Intensify,’ NYT, July 24, 2011

Here’s more on James Murdoch’s time of troubles:

A life cut short-II — Amy Winehouse, 1983-2011, articles & photos

“And then there was the ’27’ — rock-and-roll’s most dangerous number. It’s the age that took Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and now a singer whose battles with drugs, drink and depression were nightmarishly publicized in a mediascape her forebears never could have imagined.”

A life cut short-I — Amy Winehouse, 1983-2011, video & audio

Beyond (tabloid & serious) moralising now

‘Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011) was an English singer-songwriter known for her powerful contralto vocalsand her eclectic mix of musical genres including R&B, soul and jazz’ — Wikipedia entry:


President Mahinda Rajapaksa praises Kumar Sangakkara’s Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s on cricket and country, The Hindu

Kumar Sangakkara’s speaking truth to power might have raised the hackles of Sri Lanka’s cricket establishment. But the President of his country has praise for the stylish meditation the former captain delivered to a distinguished audience at Lord’s on July 4:

Norway’s horrific day of right-wing terror — 26 pictures & an article on the mass killer from Time Magazine

Norway is stunned after a horrific day of right-wing terror. Here are 26 pictures from Time Magazine and an article on the mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik:,29307,2084743,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

A Killer in Paradise: Inside the Norway Attacks:,8599,2084835,00.html

The old order changeth, yielding place to new–The-search-is-on-and.html

Alan Rusbridger on how the story was broken

How Nick Davies and The Guardian investigated Murdoch’s Watergate and demolished the cover-up

Is the Guardian’s Nick Davies the Woodward-Bernstein (rolled in one), and Editor Alan Rusbridger the Ben Bradley, of Murdoch’s Watergate?

Davies is the author of “Flat Earth News,” on falsehood and distortion in the media, and an award-winning investigative journalist.

If Ed Miliband doesn’t flinch, he could well seize the day | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Labour camp smells the fear wafting out of No 10, and is taking full advantage. Ed’s high-risk strategy is working