The Hindu : News / National : Small loans add up to lethal debts

The Hindu : News / National : Small loans add up to lethal debts.

“First they were stripped of their utensils, furniture, mobile phones, television sets, ration cards and heirloom gold jewellery. Then, some of them drank pesticide. One woman threw herself into a pond. Another jumped into a well with her children.

Sometimes, the debt collectors watched nearby.”

Richard Dawkins: The Sins of the Fathers

Ways of the right-wing media: ‘At the end of a week of successfully rattling cages, I was ready for yet another smear or diversionary tactic of some kind, but in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined the surreal form this one was to take…I can’t help wondering at the quality of journalism which sees a scoop in attacking a man for what his five-greats grandfather did.’

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References:  The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (6th edition, 1872), text:

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“Sometimes football really is much more than just a game”

Excellent Observer editorial on the case against Luis Suárez, and the wider implications of the struggle against racism in football.

From Washington this looks like Syria’s ‘Benghazi moment’. But not from here – Robert Fisk in The Independent

‘President Bashar al-Assad is not about to go. Not yet. Not, maybe, for quite a long time.’