‘First editions, second thoughts’, interactive, Guardian

A sample of handwritten annotations of their own first editions by Hilary Mantel, Margaret Atwood, Peter Carey, John Banville, Kazuo Ishiguro, Nadine Gordimer, Ian McEwen, Tom Stoppard, Alan Bennett, Yann Martel, J.K. Rowling, Ian Rankin, and other writers. The books soon go to auction at Sotheby’s in aid of English Pen.

Conducting from a wheelchair: James Levine at Carnegie Hall, NYT

‘After years of spinal problems, shoulder injuries and multiple operations, it seemed very possible that [James] Levine — one of the greatest living American conductors and a musician who has defined the Metropolitan Opera for more than 40 years — might never return to performing…[His] return was a triumph.’

‘Betrayed by the Human Rights Community’, David Cronin in Counterpunch

‘Bradley Manning…[who] has been in detention for three years now, without having been convicted of any crime…has been let down by those who claim to defend human rights [the EU and Amnesty International, among them]. The silence over his treatment must be broken.’

Unburied: Tamerlan Tsarnaev and The Lessons of Greek Tragedy: The New Yorker

‘”Bury this terrorist on U.S. soil and we will unbury him.” So ran the bitter slogan…A legal no-man’s land, perhaps, but familiar territory to anyone even casually acquainted with the Greek classics.’

Obama vs. The Press, The New Yorker

‘This is an Administration that is uncommonly touchy about government officials who leak to the press, even as, like all governments, it engages in strategic or self-aggrandizing leaks on a regular basis.’

‘Pakistan Elections: Democracy, Dichotomies, and Shades of Grey’, Beena Sarwar in EPW

‘The recent elections in Pakistan show that the country is finally on the right track notwithstanding the rigging, the violence and the brutal prevention of women from voting in some areas by representatives of all the political parties. The huge turnout of women and first-time young voters risking their lives to exercise their right to choose is something to celebrate and strengthen…’

‘The Collapse of Journalism and the Journalism of Collapse’, Robert Jensen in Nation of Change

‘For those who believe that a robust public-affairs journalism is essential for a society striving to be democratic, the 21st century has been characterized by bad news that keeps getting worse.’

‘Rajat Gupta’s Lust for Zeros’ by Anita Raghavan, NYT Magazine, adapted from her forthcoming book, ‘The Billionaire’s Apprentice’

‘While Gupta departed McKinsey with a fortune, he was now mingling with a crowd that included Bill Gates, Henry Kravis and Henry M. Paulson Jr…he had to be a billionaire…Whether Gupta’s charge is overturned or not, he will still be remembered as the dignified McKinsey managing director who fell down the money trap and under the spell of a boorish hedge-fund trader, a reality which, in his world, is almost as damaging as the crime he stands accused of committing.’

‘Speed Kills: Can Journalism save itself?’, George Packer in New Yorker

‘It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the media, social and mainstream. The Boston Marathon bombing brought out the best in some newspapers…but the story also highlighted the worst tendencies of media new and old.’