On the coerced destruction of Guardian’s Snowden hard drives & the Miranda detention, WAN-IFRA

A mostly good statement from WAN-IFRA, the international industry body of newspapers, and the World Editors Forum.

The statement justly condemns the coerced and bizarre destruction of the hard drives in the possession of The Guardian containing information made available by Edward Snowden, and also the outrageous detention of David Miranda, partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, under an authoritarian schedule of anti-terror legislation. Unfortunately, WAN-IFRA blots its copybook by having a gratuitous dig at the Leveson proposals for self-regulation underpinned by law and, what is even worse, by taking a conflicted stand in support of journalists arrested and bailed in criminal cases alleging phone hacking and related charges.

David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger that all reporters now face | Alan Rusbridger | Comment is free | The Guardian

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on the ominous significance of the nine-hour detention of David Miranda, under Schedule 7 of the UK’s anti-terror laws, in a Heathrow transit lounge, and on the coercive, ‘bizarre’ destruction of hard drives in The Guardian‘s basement. Nevertheless, ‘we will continue to do patient, painstaking reporting on the Snowden documents, we just won’t do it in London. The seizure of Miranda’s laptop, phones, hard drives and camera will similarly have no effect on [Glenn] Greenwald’s work’.

‘NSA files; why the Guardian in London destroyed hard drives of leaked files: a threat of legal action by the government that could have stopped reporting on the files leaked by Edward Snowden led to a symbolic act at the Guardian’s offices in London’:

David Miranda detention: a betrayal of trust and principle’, Guardian editorial:

‘So the innocent have nothing to fear? After David Miranda we now know where this leads’, Simon Jenkins column:

Row over UK security tactics over Snowden NSA files escalates:

White House was given ‘heads-up’ over David Miranda detention in UK:

David Miranda on his detention under terror laws, video:

After Post Sale, Spotlight Shines More Intensely on The Times –

After the sale of The Washington Post, and most of its publishing assets, to Amazon’s Jeffrey Bezos, the intriguing question is: Can the traditional family ownership of The New York Times hold out?

DRS, David Warner, and ‘comedy gold’, David Hopps, ESPNcricinfo

‘Australia’s moustachioed cricketing pugilist made an appropriately comedic decision to review his dismissal, to the delight of the Old Trafford crowd.’

The English may have their laughs but the series could be turning at Old Trafford. Will Michael Clarke, and possibly David Warner, have the last laugh when the ten Ashes Tests are done?