Vladimir Putin takes on the West at Valdai, September 19, 2013

President Vladimir Putin on Russian values, unity in diversity, Syria, and western policy and attitudes.



Isn’t there a computer program for that? The Guardian

What does a sub-editor do?

Isn’t there a computer program for that?

Don’t miss comments at the end.

“There’s nothing to it, really … it’s just a matter of checking the facts and the spelling, crossing out the first sentence, and removing any attempts at jokes.”

Yes, David Cameron, ‘Yid’ really is a race-hate word. Here’s why | David Baddiel, The Guardian

‘The chant, and various antisemitic tropes which always grow out of it – involving hissing to represent gas and celebratory references to Auschwitz – exists far beyond White Hart Lane: at Chelsea, Arsenal, Millwall, West Ham, even at Ajax, in Amsterdam.’

Richard Dawkins on religion, Darwinism, and his approach and style, text & video, Guardian

‘Richard Dawkins is outspoken in denouncing religion. But what really drives him, he says, is the wonder, and truth, of Darwinism.’

Multilingual India – a status report from the People’s Linguistic Survey of India

India’s first baseline survey, done over four years by the volunteers of the People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), has identified 780 living languages and yielded rich data on a number of interesting questions. An interview that offers an overview of the findings of the ‘quick, non-hierarchical, public consultation and appraisal’:

pdf iconPLSI_findings_030913_TH_P_11.pdf