“Mainstream economics is in denial: the world has changed”, Aditya Chakraborrty in The Guardian

Mainstream economics resists the idea that “there are other ways to view the world than as a series of algebraic problem sets”, so much so that Smith, Marx, and Malthus are taught only in “development studies” — and Schumpeter barely gets a mention. And despite the crash, “the high priests of economics refuse to look at the big picture — and continue to prop up world elites”.

‘The White House on Spying’, editorial by The New York Times Editorial Board

Has not Edward Snowden been vindicated yet again? NYT speaks up:

“The White House response on Monday to the expanding disclosures of American spying…was a pathetic mix of unsatisfying assurances about reviews under way, platitudes about the need for security in an insecure age, and the odd defense that the president didn’t know that American spies had tapped the German chancellor’s cellphone for 10 years .”

Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News? –

An insightful and interesting exchange: Glenn Greenwald in conversation with Bill Keller of The New York Times. For some reason, there is no specific reference in this conversation to Judith Miller’s notorious reporting on Saddham Hussein’s WMDs that never existed; NYT’s reliance on Ahmad Chalabi as source; and its failure to face up to the implications of the travesty of journalism that resulted and to tell its readers the truth.

US spying in Europe, NSA demands, and press freedom | Glenn Greenwald |

With General Alexander calling for NSA reporting to be halted, US and UK credibility as guardians of press freedom is crushed

Journalism, mass surveillance, and the national security state

Should journalism leave the field of mass surveillance and security to intelligence agencies and the state to handle as they think fit, under an impenetrable veil of secrecy? Some interesting links:

Food: An Atlas

“Food: An Atlas is a collection of maps, co-created by the Guerilla Cartography community, a loose band of people who are passionate about food and geography”

The book contains fascinating maps on various aspects related to food.

E-atlas, the entire book as a pdf file, is available from:

‘Can the Guardian Take Its Aggressive Investigations Global?’, Ken Auletta in The New Yorker

A well-informed and interesting look at the state of The Guardian, its heavy financial losses, its strong focus on investigative journalism with a global impact, its digital strategy, and where it is headed.

Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews –

A major survey of Jews in the United States done by the PEW Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project finds ‘a significant rise in those who are not religious, marry outside the faith and are not raising their children Jewish — resulting in rapid assimilation that is sweeping through every branch of Judaism except the Orthodox.’