‘This is Rape Number Two’, Arundhati Roy in Outlook

‘Now that it has become a police matter, on the advice of fat cat lawyers whose services only the very rich can afford, Tarun begun to do what many men accused of rape do—vilify the woman he preyed on and call her a liar. Outrageously, it is being suggested that Tarun is being ‘framed’ for political reasons…So now a young woman who he very recently saw fit to employ, is not just a loose woman, but an agent of the fascists? This is Rape Number Two: the rape of the values and the politics that Tehelka claims it stands for…It is the hollowing out of the last vestiges of integrity, political as well as personal.’

‘The unassailable case against Mr. Tejpal’, editorial in The Hindu

“The law must and will take its course but meanwhile there are practical issues to be attended to in the wider media world. The most vital among them is the protection of the identity of the young woman journalist, the victim of alleged sexual assault and rape. Her letter of complaint and other sensitive communications have been leaked from within Tehelka and are in the public realm, and we must assume that all this has been done for a very good reason, to defeat the obfuscation and the cover-up. The expressions of solidarity with the victim, from across the board, following the leak are heartening.’

PR Industry Fills Vacuum Left by Shrinking Newsrooms – ProPublica

‘The shrinking ranks of print and broadcast reporters, along with the advent of the Internet, has handed the PR industry a historic advantage in shaping the news. Even original reporting bears the fingerprints of industry and government spinmeisters.’ (Courtesy: P. Sainath)

The Stalkers: Amit Shah’s Illegal Surveillance Exposed —

An expert writes:

“The video titled ‘The Stalkers,’ available at this link [see below], is material evidence that lays the ground for a CBI investigation into this totally illegal surveillance of a young woman and her associates — and the roles of Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, G. L. Singhal, and some others.

“Allowing for some possible transcription errors, the audio recordings do reveal a great deal that is of public interest.

“It is significant that Amit Shah (as Prashant Bhushan pointed out in a CNN-IBN panel discussion on Monday, November 19, 2013) has so far not denied it is his voice in the recordings, and also that Modi has so far chosen not to make a statement about this affair.

“Authentication of the audio recordings should be a simple and straightforward task. Since the recordings are in the custody of the CBI and were handed over to the agency by Singhal, the preponderance of probability is that the recordings are authentic.

“They reveal Amit Shah’s, and the State’s, extraordinary obsession with the movements of the young woman and a close nexus with ‘Saheb’, who has his independent sources of information and comes up with leads that put a good deal of pressure on Shah.

“It is also clear from Shah’s hands-on involvement, his oral instructions to Singhal, and Singhal’s conversations at the instance of Shah with some other police officers, that the intensive surveillance by those supposed to be involved in anti-terrorism activities is illegal — there can be no doubt about this.

“Circumstantial and external evidence (from the father of the young woman) indicate that ‘Saheb’ is Narendra Modi. Amit Shah feeds the leads he periodically receives from ‘Saheb’ into the illegal surveillance operations conducted by Singhal. Through their public statements, the young woman’s father, and indeed the BJP, have come close to confirming that ‘Saheb’ is Modi.

“There is solid material here for a criminal investigation and prosecution.”

[Scroll down for full transcript.]

India and climate talks imperatives – The Hindu

India and climate talks imperatives – The Hindu.

A well argued critique of India’s current position in climate negotiations.

“For too long, India’s official climate policy has portrayed the absence of a proactive stance on a climate agreement as a strategy to protect the country’s interests. Climate science as well as good climate politics demand that India shift to making clear to the world its commitment, in concrete terms, both to securing its developmental future as well as preserving the global environment.”

From “Chomsky’s right: The New York Times’ latest big lie”

“More misleading half-truths from a paper too cowed by power and myth to tell the truth about U. S. foreign policy,” by Patrick L. Smith.


(via NR)

Final Innings for a Cricket Giant –

‘When Bradman looked at the diminutive stature of the 5-foot-5 Tendulkar, at his unmatched balance and footwork and at his extraordinary bat speed, he admitted to recognizing more than a little of himself.’

Thomas Sankara

A very interesting documentary on Thomas Sankara, Marxist revolutionary and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987.

‘Narendra Modi and why 2002 cannot go away’, by N. Ram in The Hindu, November 6, 2013

The Gujarat pogrom is the elephant in BJP’s parlour. It is the unbreakable genetic connection between 2002 and the present that makes it clear that a Narendra Modi prime ministership would be disastrous for democratic and secular India:

pdf iconEdit page, The Hindu, Chennai edition, November 6, 2013.pdf

pdf iconNarendra Modi and why 2002 cannot go away’, NR, TH, edit page, November 6, 2013.pdf

NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained | World news |

NSA Files decoded: What the Revelations Mean for You

NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained | World news |