NYTimes: ‘Sea Slaves’: Forced Labor for Cheap Fish

“Labor abuse at sea can be so severe that the boys and men who are its victims might as well be captives from a bygone era. In interviews, those who fled recounted horrific violence: the sick cast overboard, the defiant beheaded, the insubordinate sealed for days below deck in a dark, fetid fishing hold.”

“The harsh practices have intensified in recent years, a review of hundreds of accounts from escaped deckhands provided to police, immigration and human rights workers shows. That is because of lax maritime labor laws and an insatiable global demand for seafood even as fishing stocks are depleted.”

Justice Lodha Committee Final Opinion and Order on BCCI-IPL

Justice has been done — and has been seen to be done. An edifying message goes out to the cricket world that corruption will not be tolerated. Read the just-released Final Opinion and Order of the Justice Lodha Committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India with clear and powerful terms of reference.

pdf icon Justice-Lodha-Committee-Final-Opinion-and-Order-BCCI-IPL-14-07-2015.pdf