The Wonder that was Victor Trumper: The Jack Marsh History Lecture 2015, by Gideon Haigh

Victor Trumper (November 2, 1877-June 28, 1915) is one of the most romantic figures in the history of cricket. In his Jack Marsh History Lecture 2015 in Sydney, Gideon Haigh, writer and cricket historian, brings alive the wonder that was Trumper, offering in the process rare insights into the nuances of sports photography. (“When he came he opened the windows of the mind to a new vision of what batting could be…In composition and content, it is a very great photograph. It is both the first and last word in batting, insofar as batting consists of making instinctive what begins as a set of quite unnatural motions.”) Listen here to the lecture, in three parts, on YouTube; read the text, attached as a pdf file. George Beldam’s iconic picture of Trumper leaping out to drive is also attached:

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