Lodha Committee to come down hard on BCCI and cricket administration across India

The Lodha Committee report on urgently needed reform of cricket administration in India will be released on January 4, 2016. It is expected to come down hard on the BCCI and the shocking way various cricket associations across the country have been allowed to administer the game, essentially without accountability and transparency.

But not all associations can be painted with the same brush. A few, like the Vidarbha Cricket Association and the Saurashtra Cricket Association, have husbanded their resources, and the profits made from the game, wisely and honestly, accumulated substantial reserves, built up excellent infrastructure, and nurtured cricket at the foundation level.

The attached report card for 2010-2013, which was placed in the public realm (released at a media conference and posted at a website) by the Karnakata State Cricket Association when Anil Kumble was President, is an example of accountability and transparency.

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